Monday, March 9, 2015

Video Review : Deploying AngularJS


  • Today I am going to Review a Video Course, which has been created by Packt Publishing.
  • The Video Course is Deploying AngularJS.
  • The Author of this Video Course is Thomas Tuts.

  • About This Video

    • Create an easy-to-understand and flexible build system for your application using GulpJS.
    • Deploy to Heroku and add monitoring tools for error tracking.
    • Beginner-friendly introduction to writing tests and utilizing best practices.

    Who This Video Is For ? 

    • This course is targeted at developers who are experienced with JavaScript and have basic experience with AngularJS web development.
    • It will also be useful for anyone wanting to dip their toes into frontend web development.

    What You Will Learn ? 

    • Test your code with Karma to automate the testing process.
    • Use JSHint to lint your code and adhere to best practices.
    • Explore Gulp to serve a BrowserSync server and compile your SASS files.
    • Leverage localStorage to add a basic form of persistence to your application.
    • Prepare the AngularJS code for minification.
    • Optimize CSS and JS assets for production.
    • Add monitoring tools to your application to track possible application errors. 
    • Deploy the application to Heroku.


    • I have spent just over 1 and 1/2 hours to watch this "Deploying AngularJS" video course.It's really useful one.
    • In the first part of the course where the author has explained the most needed technical requirements for developing Angularjs applications.You can learn how to set up the node.js ,gulp.js and basics of Heroku in this section.
    • Second part of the course where the author has explained how to use Karma to automate the testing process.And the same time you can learn the usage of JSHint to lint the code and adhere to best practices.
    • Then the author has developed a sample angularjs application by using the basic building box of angularJs.Such as directives, services and routings.
    • After that I have seen about how to prepare the AngularJS code for minification,Optimize CSS and JS assets for production.
    • In the final section of this video course where we can learn how to deploy our app to Heroku. In this section author has explained how to add monitoring tools to our application to track possible application errors.One of such tool is bugsnag. It's a really awesome tool. 
    • Throughout this course where the author has mentioned very handy and useful links and references.So we can use it to get additional information.     


    • The key annoying issue about the downloaded video course is where viewers have to open the each and every clip, roughly around every 5 minutes. It's a really annoying experience. So I would like to suggest either putting all as one video clip for the users who will download it or put a better navigation within the video is the best option.Then users can enjoy the video course without any interruptions.



    • I would like to recommend this video course for the intermediate and experienced AngularJS developers, Who are willing to learn how to Deploy AngularJS app to Heroku.
    • I have to put a special thanks to Packt Publishers, who afforded me this opportunity to review this video course.
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this video course and I hope you will feel the same.
    • Thanks for the Author Thomas Tuts as well for creating this kind of a video series.Keep up the Good work. :)

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