Saturday, September 27, 2014

Take Your Skills to the Next Level - LEVEL UP !


Take Your Skills to the Next Level 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All of Packt's eBooks and Videos at Just $10 each for 10 Days

All of Packt's eBooks and Videos at Just $10 each for 10 Days

Just $10 each for 10 Days
  • This month marks 10 years since Packt Publishing embarked on its mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals.
  • In that time it’s published over 2000 titles and helped projects become household names, awarding over $400,000 through its Open Source Project Royalty Scheme.
  • To celebrate this huge milestone, from June 26th Packt is offering all of its eBooks and Videos at just $10 each for 10 days – this promotion covers every title and customers can stock up on as many copies as they like until July 5th. 

The Managing Director Dave Maclean says:
  • "From our very first book published back in 2004, we’ve always focused on giving IT professionals the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done. As we look forward to the next 10 years, everything we do here at Packt will focus on helping those IT professionals, and the wider world, put software to work in innovative new ways.We’re very excited to take our customers on this new journey with us, and we would like to thank them for coming this far with this special 10-day celebration, when we’ll be opening up our comprehensive range of titles for $10 each"


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review : Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012


  • Today I am going to Review a Book which has been published by Packt Publishing.
  • The Book is Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • The Authors of this book are James Serra and Bill Anton.

Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Table of Contents

Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

What you will learn from this book

  • Get to grips with reporting scenarios that describe the best reporting tool to use
  • Follow the step-by-step exercises to build a report in SSRS and Power View
  • Visualize and interact with data in bold new ways with Power View
  • Generate reports quickly using intuitive interfaces
  • Create self-service reports with a wide variety of formats

Who this book is for

  • If you are a BI developer, consultant, or architect who wishes to learn how to use SSRS and Power View, and want to understand the best use for each tool, then this book will get you up and running quickly.
  • No prior experience is required with either tool.


  • I have read this book within a 4 days.Before reading this book I didn't have any prior experience about SSRS. But this book gave me all the necessary knowledge which it is required to work with SSRS for my next App development.Thanks to the Authors.
  • This is a very concise book (only 120 pages), where directly targeted to the most needed materials about the SSRS.
  • Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will cover all the features of SSRS and Power View and will provide a step-by-step lab activity to help you develop reports very quickly.Which is really awesome. 
  • Starting with the difference between standard and self- service reporting, this book covers the main features and functionality offered in SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 including a breakdown of the report components, development experience, extensibility, and security.
  • The Author has explained how to set up and use Power View within Excel and SharePoint and connect to a tabular model as well as a multidimensional model. 
  • The book provides real-life reporting scenarios that help to clarify when those scenarios are discussing standard reporting, in which case SSRS is the best choice, and when they are discussing self-service reporting, in which case Power View is the best choice.This will really help to get a decision before the design the reports.
  • All the images are in this book is colored to the eBook users. Which is great.
  • This book provides very useful reference urls for getting additional knowledge of some concepts.This will help for the get in-depth knowledge of the scenarios.
  • This book will have you creating reports in SSRS and Power View in no time.I'm pretty much sure about it.


  • I couldn't find any Cons about this awesome book.It's really nice read. :)



  • I would like to recommend this book for all the Novice and Intermediate Developers, Who are willing to learn Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • I have to put a special thanks for Packet Publishers,who gave me this opportunity to review this book.Packet Publishers are doing an outstanding job in the Software Developer world by publishing this kind of Up-To-Date books in very specific areas.Keep up the Good work.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading of this book and I hope the same will feel for you as well.
  • Thanks for the Authors James and Bill as well for writing this kind of Instant category book.Keep up the Good work. :)