Sunday, February 8, 2015

Video Review : Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS


  • Today I am going to Review a Video Course, which has been created by Packt Publishing.
  • The Video Course is Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS.
  • The Author of this Video Course is Raoni Boaventura.

  • About This Video 

    • Learn how to build single page applications from scratch, with a practical approach to development using AngularJS.
    • Go from "Hello World" to intricate web applications with incrementally complex exercises. 
    • Learn all about the important features and components available in the framework, including how to write your own custom components.

    Who This Video Is For ? 

    • If you're a web professional who wants to stay up to date with web development technologies, or you want to have your first contact with SPAs but don't have time to read through extensive documentation, and you are someone who wants to jump straight into action and learn AngularJS, then this video course is for you.
    • For this course, you're expected to know at least the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. Previous experience using MVC frameworks is not a requirement, but will certainly help you.

    What You Will Learn ? 

    • Understand how SPA’s work with the advantages and limitations of frameworks such as AngularJS.
    • Integrate AngularJS applications with any server-side technology of your choice using meaningful APIs.
    • Skillfully write and debug AngularJS apps by mastering the directives, filters, and services available in the framework.
    • Implement the best practices of Angular’s MVC architecture into your SPA.
    • Delve into the advanced features of the framework, such as routing, server communication, and module injection/management very quickly.
    • Effectively use npm and Bower to deal with dependencies, and manage the common tasks of your SPA .
    • Discover how to write custom components, including custom directives, filters, and all types of services.
    • Practice proper test-driven development using the testing tools available within the framework.


    • I have spent just over 2 hours to watch this "Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS" video course.It's really nice one.
    • At the beginning of the course, author has introduced to the advantages and limitations of AngularJS and its compatibility with SPAs.
    • As I moved on, I have dived head-first into the application coding, starting from the first application and going all the way from building a to-do list app to a fully featured movie database.The Author has explained every key aspect of the framework in the process.
    • Later on, Author has focused on reviewing AngularJS' built-in components (directives, filters, and services) including every detail of how to write our own custom components of every kind.
    • And finally, I have learned about the automated testing and how to write and execute automated tests on AngularJS where both by using Karma and Protractor.
    • Other than that I have learned a lot about the Angular-Seed project from this video course.We can use it to quickly bootstrap our angular web app projects and dev environment for these kind of projects.


    • The key annoying issue about the downloaded video course is where viewers have to open the each and every clip, roughly around every 5 minutes. It's a really annoying experience. So I would like to suggest either putting all as one video clip for the users who will download it or put a better navigation within the video is the best option.Then users can enjoy the video course without any interruptions.



    • I would like to recommend this video course for all the JavaScript developers, Who are willing to learn how to Build Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS.
    • I have to put a special thanks to Packt Publishers, who afforded me this opportunity to review this video course.
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this video course and I hope you will feel the same.
    • Thanks for the Author Raoni Boaventura as well for creating this kind of a video series.Keep up the Good work. :)

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