Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Review : JavaScript Promises Essentials


  • Today I am going to Review a Book which has been published by Packt Publishing.
  • The Book is JavaScript Promises Essentials.
  • The Author of this book is Rami Sarieddine.

JavaScript Promises Essentials

Table of Contents *

JavaScript Promises Essentials

What you will learn from this book ? *

  • Implement asynchronous programming in JavaScript
  • Get acquainted with the JavaScript Promises API
  • Choose the right JavaScript libraries to use callbacks in a non-compatible platform
  • Write chained asynchronous operations that are easy to manage
  • Master WinJS Promises for developing Windows applications
  • Differentiate between various implementations of promises in JavaScript
  • Put promises into action in your applications
  • Catch and handle errors effectively in asynchronous operations
  • Explore browser support and platform compatibility for JavaScript promises

Who this book is for ? *

  • If you are a JavaScript developer working with asynchronous operations and want to know more about promises, then this book is ideal for you.
  • Having a detailed explanation of JavaScript promises will be perfect as your next step towards adopting this new standard and using the API in your web and JavaScript applications.


  • There was never a time before when JavaScript had been this popular. Same popularity for the JavaScript promises as well. So this book will give, what you need to know about the Javascript Promises.
  • I have read the first chapter of this book and it's a really good one. So I'm going to share the thoughts of mine about this chapter with you.Let's start it.
  • In the first section the author has explained what is  Asynchronous programming in JavaScript and has described the history of AJAX and the importance of non blocking UI. This section explains about the Issues that developers face with traditional approaches to handle, asynchronous operations.After that, about the callbacks. In this section we can learn about the callbacks.More importantly,it's by using very simple examples where anyone can understand.
  • Then he moved into the  Introduction to JavaScript Promises section. In this section  we can learn about the promises, its states,how it can be used  and the usage of promises chaining.All are explained by using simple examples and step by step explanations.It's very cool. 
  • In the last section of the first chapter the author has explained Why Can't we just use a callback and Why we should care about promises when comparing it to the common way of doing things asynchronously. Simple examples have been provided for understanding the concepts more easily where even for the beginner  level of the JavaScript developers.Which is really great. 
  • Some of the code snippets have been put on the JsFiddle. Which is really cool.
  • This is a concise book (~ 90 pages), were directly targeted to the most needed materials about the JavaScript Promises .


  • I have seen a typo issue in first chapter : "Additionally, callbacks are lightweight since we need to add extra libraries." It should be corrected as "Additionally, callbacks are lightweight since no need to add extra libraries." 
  • The other complain where I have about this book is with the formatting of the Code snippets.Currently it's in Black and White (mono) way. As a reader, I would like to have a color syntax for the code snippets.If so,It'll give a huge value for the packt's books.

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Do you need to Buy this Book ?


  • I would like to recommend this book for all the Javascript developers,Who are willing to learn Promises in depth.
  • I have to put a special thanks for Packt Publishers,who gave me this opportunity to review this book.The Packt Publishers are doing an outstanding job in the Software Developer world by publishing this kind of up-to-date books in very specific areas.Keep up the Good work.
  • Thanks for the Author Rami Sarieddine as well for writing this kind of Instant category book.Keep up the Good work.

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