Thursday, June 12, 2014

Video Course Review : Building an Application with CoffeeScript


  • Today I am going to Review a Video Course, which has been created by Packt Publishing.
  • The Video Course is Building an Application with CoffeeScript.
  • The Author of this Video Course is Darko Bozhinovski.

  • Course Contents

    1. CoffeeScript 101 [13:33 minutes]
      • A Taste of CoffeeScript
      • Concepts and Usage
      • Tools and Extras

    2. Head-first Application Development [13:52 minutes]
      • Basics of Object-oriented Programming
      • MVC and Using It in Our Project
      • Inheritance and Keeping Classes Simple

    3. The Storage Layer – Models and Data Persistence [14:12 minutes]
      • Models and Storage Basics
      • Models in Our Application

    4. Routing and Views [12:23 minutes]
      • Introduction to Routing, Controllers, and Views
      • Routing and Controllers
      • The View Layer

    5. Interactions and Event Handling – Using JQuery with CoffeeScript [11:24 minutes]
      • Local Events
      • Global Events

    6. Extending Our Application – Manipulating Stored Data [13:07 minutes]
      • Organizing Application Data
      • Extending the Document Classes
      • Making Our App More Usable

    7. Extending Our Application – Add an External Library [11:10 minutes]
      • Adding External Libraries
      • Modifying Our App for Rich Text Editing
      • Exporting Our Documents to PDF

    8. Publishing and Real-world Usage for Our Documents [11:01 minutes]
      • Using Our Documents Offline
      • Publishing Files
      • What's Next?

    What you will learn from this video course

    • Familiarize yourself with CoffeeScript
    • Use CoffeeScript for web app development
    • Get to know the build tools that come along with the language (Cake)
    • Build a simple framework for your application
    • Implement JavaScript libraries with CoffeeScript
    • Understand advanced concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism
    • Incorporate HTML5 APIs with CoffeeScript
    • Refactor your existing CoffeeScript code

    Who this video course is for

    • If you are a beginner JavaScript developer who wants to start learning CoffeeScript and give your project some structure, this course is for you.
    • The course covers the basics of CoffeeScript and helps you build an app.
    • The only prerequisite is to have a basic idea about application development.


    • I have spent just over 1 and 1/2 hours of watching this Building an Application with CoffeeScript video series.It's really nice one.
    • Before this I didn't have any experience with the CoffeeScript.But after this course,I feel now I have a better understanding about the CoffeeScript language.Thanks to the author.
    • Throughout this course Author has mentioned number of very useful resources which learners can get additional knowledge about the concepts and scenarios.Which is really awesome.
    • I liked that several popular JavaScript frameworks were used in the example application built in this video course. Such as jQuery, BackBone and Bootstrap-based Summernote (WYSIWYG Editor).It helped me to know about how to plug those well know frameworks with the CoffeeScript.
    • The source code of this course has been published on GIT repository.So anyone can download it and play with it.


    • The key annoying issue about the downloaded video series is, viewers have to open the each and every clip, roughly around every 5 minutes. It's a really annoying experience. So I would like to suggest either putting all as one video clip for the users who will download it or put a better navigation within the video is the best option.Then users can enjoy the video series without any interruptions.As an example please check the Pluralsight videos.
    • The explanation for the Installation and Tools section is not enough for the beginners of CoffeeScript.I would like to have more about it on this video series.And it demonstrates only for the MAC OS users.But must include an installation demonstration for the Windows users as well.It's a lack or missing feature on this video series.



    • I would like to recommend this video course for all the Novice and Intermediate CoffeeScript developers, Who are willing to learn Building an Application with CoffeeScript.
    • I have to assign a special thanks to Packt Publishers, who afforded me this opportunity to review this video course.
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this video series and I hope you will feel the same.
    • Thanks for the Author Darko Bozhinovski as well for creating this kind of a video series for the CoffeeScript developers. Keep up the Good work. :)

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