Sunday, March 16, 2014

Video Course Review : jQuery UI Development


  • Today I am going to Review a Video Course, which has been designed by Packt Publishing.
  • The Video Course is jQuery UI Development.
  • The Author of this Video Course is Ben Fhala.

  • Course Contents

    1. Getting Started with jQuery UI [25:05 minutes]
      • Getting Started with jQuery UI
      • An Overview of jQuery
      • An Overview of jQuery UI
      • Working with jQuery Locally or through a CDN
      • Choosing Our Delivery Options in jQuery UI
      • Creating Our First Page Using jQuery UI Widgets
      • What Tools Am I Using?

    2. Working with the CSS Framework [21:58 minutes]
      • All about CSS
      • Adding Our Second Widget
      • Switching Styles in jQuery UI
      • The Library Minification Functionality
      • Optimizing Your Project
      • Themes - Under the Hood
      • Creating Your Own Themes Using ThemeRoller

    3. Working with Widgets [27:56 minutes]
      • Setting up Expectations
      • Creating a Dialog Widget
      • Options, Methods, and Events
      • Working with Widget Options
      • Changing a Dialog's Title
      • Discovering the Widget's Methods
      • Adding Interactivity with Callbacks

    4. Adding Interaction [21:24 minutes]
      • Setting up Expectations
      • Integrating Events into Widgets
      • Updating the Site When a Widget is Dropped
      • Being More Efficient with Events
      • Digging into Event Properties: the ui Property
      • Exploring the Event Object
      • Cleaning up Our Project

    5. More about Widgets [27:13 minutes]
      • Setting up Expectations
      • jQuery UI Tooltip
      • jQuery UI Spinner
      • jQuery UI Menu
      • jQuery UI Slider
      • jQuery UI Accordion
      • jQuery UI Tabs

    6. Course Recap [1:53 minutes]

    What you will learn from this video course

    • Set up a custom jQuery UI library
    • Minify your library and make it more efficient
    • Get to grips with components and how to skin them quickly
    • Use the ThemeRoller to create custom themes in a jiffy
    • Understand how events work in jQuery UI
    • Hands-on demonstrations with detailed explanations and code
    • Drag-and-drop elements using the jQuery UI features
    • Work with over 9 key components

    Who this video course is for

    • If you want to save hundreds of hours on building your own components, this video course is ideal for you.
    • This video series will demonstrate how to easily design elegant and powerful front-end interfaces for web applications.
    • A working knowledge of JavaScript and a familiarity with jQuery would be useful, but are not vital.


    • I have spent just over 2 hours for watching this jQuery UI video series.I have to say this,It's simply awesome.
    • The Author has explained the  details with step-by-step examples, useful tips, and quick tricks.And most importantly, he has explained the best practices and optimization tips as well.
    • Even though I have a prior experience with the jQuery UI,I learnt some UI components which I have never used with my current applications.So I hope now I can use those components with my next app without any problem after this video series.Thanks to the author.
    • The most interesting section of this course for me is the way the author has explained about the "Creating Your Own Themes Using Theme Roller".It's really nice.
    • The author has provided the source code where it is required for this course.Which is really help when we do our own hands-on practical sessions.      


    • The key annoying issue about the downloaded video series is, viewers have to open the each and every clip, roughly around every 5 minutes. It's a really annoying experience. So I would like to suggest putting all as one video clip for the users who will download it.Then users can enjoy the video series without any interruptions. 
    • It's better if the source code of this course can put on the JsFiddle.Then users can easily change the things and test lively.It'll give a huge value for this video series.I performed a sample for that.It's here Jsfiddle jQuery UI


    • There is a problem in video "video3_4" after the 4.46 to 4.48 minutes... there is nothing in between that time range.



    • I would like to recommend this video course for all the Novice and Intermediate jQuery developers, Who are willing to learn jQuery UI framework.
    • I have to assign a special thanks for Packet Publishers, who afforded me this opportunity to review this video course.
    • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this video series and I hope you will feel the same too.
    • Thanks for the Author Ben Fhala as well for creating this kind of a video series for the jQuery UI. Keep up the Good work. :)


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